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Electric Motor, Generator and Transformer Trouble Shooter

Know in a few minutes what the problem is: Electrical or Mechanical

Complete Condition of your STATOR, ROTOR, Coil, Connections, internal fault or ground fault

Electric Motor Checker EMC38A Main features:

  • Very handy
  • Light Weight
  • ABS Plastic Cabinet
  • Built-in Rechargeable battery pack
  • Insulation Resistance (IR) Measurement
  • Identify open and short circuits / loose connections in a winding coil
  • Identify interterm shorts
  • Detect rotor bar problems without dismounting the rotor
  • Inductance of the winding with respect to different positions for rotor for detecting blow holes or cracks in the rotor bars.
  • Simple operation, accurate & quick assessment of motor condition.
  • Low battery Indication


Regular testing can identify developing faults before a failure occurs. All measurement data can be trended for predictive maintenance condition monitoring. By making proactive repairs and eliminating unscheduled down- time , plant productivity is greatly improved.

EMC-38A is a Digital portable diagnostic tool for Electrical Engineer and is used for quick on - site checks of electric motor and other three - phase machines. A reduction in machine performance, such as inefficient operation or tripping of overloads, may indicate mechanical or electrical faults. If the fault is electrical the EMC-38A will immediately defect it, without having to dismantle the equipment.The instrument has three separate operating modes to measure different types of faults like fully insulation, open circuits / loose connections, short circuits, Ground faults and rotor defects. Motor insulation is tested with a high voltage of 500V & 1000V DC supplied by the instrument.

Electric Motor Checker EMC38A Technical Specifications:

Motor Checker EMC-38A finds the faults you can’t see with any other hand – held instrument
  • Turn -to-turn , coil-to-coil and phase-tophase faults
  • Open phase
  • Burned or contaminated winding
  • Poor Connections
  • Broken / Cracked rotor bars
  • Grounded windings
  • Cable faults.
Electric Motor Checker EMC38A

Electric Motor Checker EMC38A Technical Specifications:



 0 – 200 MΩ at 500 V DC ± ( 2% + 1digit), 0.1 MΩ resolution

 0 – 2000 MÙ at 1000 V DC ± ( 2% + 1digit), 0.1 MÙ resolution






0 - 200 milli Ω

0.10 milli Ω

0 – 2 Ω

0.001 Ω
0 – 20 Ω 0.01 Ω
0 – 200 Ω 0.10 Ω
0 – 2 mH 0.001 mH
0 – 20 mH 0.01 mH
0 –200 mH 0.1 mH
0 –2000 mH 1 mH

Display: 3½ LCD * Temp.Range:0- 55ºC * Size: 237x131x45 * Weight:500gms
Power: Internal Rechargeable battery pack

Electric Motor Checker EMC38A

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